Poem: The Forgiving Ground

The Forgiving Ground

Cast yourself upon the ground,
the forgiving ground,
on the softest place
I’ll be there with you
It is not bad to be lowly
atop the sinking, tickling moss
eye to eye with tiny bluebells
rubbing shoulders with mushrooms
There is softness
We are not unforgiven
This body is good
The sun kisses
and kisses and kisses
The moisture from the light rain
turns to steam
Picking out a gentle prickle
that plucks a chuckle
Laying out full length
Like me, the moss loves love
it is allowed and encouraged
The eagle flying under the day moon
is also here
above the rich breath of trees
It’s not yet the season
for the dragonfly dance,
but there are new buds
We can eat them
and be fed by this day

by ele / Eva L. Elasigue CC-BY 4.0 Creative Commons


Studio: A Sign!

Yesterday, the day that the great poet Mary Oliver passed away, I finally hung a sign for Primal Spiral Studio: a snapped wooden rudder I found on the beach, painted and stenciled in ‘old school scholastic’. Here’s hoping any intrepid boaters made it to shore, as did their rudder.


Typewriter: Barter Faire 2016

Barter Faire 16

[somewhat edited transcript:]

Barter Faire 2016
too far and then back again
If I’m going to go on then I’ve got to step across this gate

into a different time and place, a sentimental cozysplace

jacket… lavish layers of mulch
those of similar name in similar circles
anything    sailor boreen


my birthday is april 17th    I like you    555    I love you    red umblack

a good day abcd e f g h i j kk l m n o p rstuvwxyz

abcdf ghijklmnopqrstyvwxyandz


[This work was collectively produced under optional anonymity, as hosted by Eva L. Elasigue & Primal Spiral.]

Creative Commons License
Barter Faire 2016 Primal Spiral typewriter exquisite corpse by (collective) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Typewriter: Rose City Comic Convention 2015

RCCC 15 1

RCCC 15 2

[edited transcription:]

Rose City Comic Con!

the Bardic gathering center

The recordings
Drafting the life of a human isn’

Tired & Torn

Tired and torn the man walked


Humor isn’t always funny

It’s an aura, a feeling emitted
and transmitted

Random seeming encounters are not what they seem.  The universe does as it wilt.
What might seem as happenstance isn’t.
What and why???????

You’re a ghost driving a meat covered skeleton truck, covered in stardust; what do you have to be afraid of????????