Typewriter Poetry: Soul of the Mask, Masquerade Ball Providence

I set up a typewriter table, buddied with artist Aura Lunae at this elegant night of music and art:

Here we are! I sold some zine broadsheets of my new-this-year Cabaret Poem, and my bespoke experiment was titled Soul of the Mask (pose for poetry). People could pose for me their masquerade persona, and I typed them a single poetic line to capture the energy of the moment.

Following, some of the poetry embodied on this night:

Typewriter: Words Between

For the last Full Moon Gathering of 2019 at CoSM: Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in NY on Dec. 14 2019, I set up my Hermes 3000 (TRIS) and did something new for me at this event. People were invited to sit down at my station to write a line of associative poetic wordplay, going back and forth with me, which we then cosigned and they kept. Didn’t really have a name for what we were doing at first, but found the easiest way to explain it on the artifact was “words between.”