Poem: The Forgiving Ground

The Forgiving Ground

Cast yourself upon the ground,
the forgiving ground,
on the softest place
I’ll be there with you
It is not bad to be lowly
atop the sinking, tickling moss
eye to eye with tiny bluebells
rubbing shoulders with mushrooms
There is softness
We are not unforgiven
This body is good
The sun kisses
and kisses and kisses
The moisture from the light rain
turns to steam
Picking out a gentle prickle
that plucks a chuckle
Laying out full length
Like me, the moss loves love
it is allowed and encouraged
The eagle flying under the day moon
is also here
above the rich breath of trees
It’s not yet the season
for the dragonfly dance,
but there are new buds
We can eat them
and be fed by this day

by ele / Eva L. Elasigue CC-BY 4.0 Creative Commons

Flash: Microhole Quantum Displacement of the Transporter

[This is an abstract of a fictional paper in database on some of the principles behind Star Trek’s transporter; a flash fanfic.]

Title: Microhole Quantum Displacement of the Transporter

Author: Eva L. Elasigue

Abstract: Rather than create one large displacement field, which we have not achieved to this day, instead the transporter is made possible by a 5D fluid grid of quantum entanglement microholes. With the 4th dimension being time, the 5th dimension is intention – namely target, subject, and destination (using 5th-D mechaneurolinguistic programming as defined in the notorious seminal work). The fluid grid enmeshment is a paint-by-numbers energetically living algorithm which communicates firstly with the nervous system, gaining biophysical agreement and certainty of orientation, another 5D variable element.

((CC-BY 4.0 Eva L. Elasigue))

Beta reader #1: Brent Spiner, Data of The Next Generation at San Diego Comic Con 2021 Special Edition
Brent decided to keep it! For fun, these were attached:
A picture with Melinda Snodgrass, Star Trek writer of award-winning Data episode “Measure of a Man.” At her recent book release at Jean Cocteau Theater in Santa Fe NM, December 2019
A mini-print of this new poster art by Brennan Wagner of DC, Grendel, etc.

Poetry/Song: The Grand Narrative w/ Ari Joshua

This is an adaptable poetic lyrics set that I wrote with guitarist-composer Ari Joshua. We delineated, triangulated, and channeled this at The Music Factory in Seattle, WA US in November 2020. This can be played for, interpreted, and re-written. Whatever this might become in any other version or iteration, this is its first pure form, fresh from the mist.

The Grand Narrative


perspective of the grounding center
home place encapsulating
coming from a place to be in a space
the where and why and how
flowers bowing, sending love their emissary
filling my vision with color
and grace in the lines of shape
the warm caress of meeting
life in its own place
where I am only what I can be


it begins somewhere
I look around
I’m where I am
but there’s somewhere else to be
something that I need
I know that I can get it
so I’m going to go do that
send myself upslope
there’s something to be seen along the way
which may be a point in itself
I’m keeping myself going
with the ache of believing

steps of being and becoming
go along with overrunning
to that fundamental exhaustion
that’s completion of a task

I do it because it’s better than contemplating it
I may as well be on my way


the tumble of beauty undone
what may have been
that kept us in the dream
no longer what it seemed

that which was not and will never be again
from now on it can only be this way
sharp edges of the breaks
where continuity was lost
scuffs of the descent
the never-swept dust of microscopic shards
knowing it’s coming
watching it fall
carries an almost sweet surrender
in the way it can’t be changed
the wreckage is magnificent
fulfilling by the time it happens


ready for life
when everything is here
that makes me care
every tone of light
on the eye on the skin
breathing in
feeling it from within
rhythm in motion
bring it to another
mind to mind
each to each
we reach a peak
to find the view
and hold it in


there’s a having in the losing
once it’s gone it’ll only be that way forever

it’s one way of reaching acceptance, finally
that’s all it could ever be, when it’s done
and then it’s a part of me
only a part of only me
that’s the last thing it can be
before it’s truly gone
like it never even was

and when things go back to never having been
what else might they become?
if anything

is a story real
is a thought something you can feel
what do I really have at all?

something that I had once
is something that I’ll have forever
until its return to never

when it’s really gone, can I even say goodbye?


looking around
light in the sky
revealing details, expanding
coming to an understanding
finding where a path may lead
within, down, around, up
what there is to give and to create
from the self to the other
growing into being
all that lays within expansive seeing
gentleness in remaining
receptive to the blessings

some things echo harshly
from the marks they’ve left
just standing and knowing
about all this is part
of everything that comes after
savoring the reality of this existence

strange lands scenarios environs habitats biomes realms
this body is home in all of them
all of it home to this body

CC-BY 4.0 ELE / Eva L. Elasigue

Session: Creative Commons Licenses @ Momentom Nicaragua

At this diverse series of short talks held within an arts residency, I took 5 minutes to explain the different kinds of Creative Commons open licenses, the internationally tailored legal codes to protect intellectual property and any intentions for sharing it.

You can see on the board that I reversed my name and topic columns, like a true freethinker.

I’m currently using specific Creative Commons licenses for my poetry, short theater scripts, and Bones of Starlight, the science fiction fantasy space opera trilogy. I was granted a scholarship to go to Creative Commons Global Summit Lisbon in 2019 to hold a 15-minute talk on my adventures in science fiction fantasy novel publishing using CC, and I was a fulltime volunteer at the Global Summits in Toronto 2017 & 2018. I’ve shared Creative Commons at other venues, including WorldCon (site of the Hugo Awards) in panel with fellow science fiction author and blogger Cory Doctorow. I’ve been using Creative Commons to publish and share my work since 2014.

VIDEO: Creative Commons Global Summit, Virtually Connecting Session

I joined in with this inclusive Q&A from the Creative Commons Toronto Global Summit 2017, held by Virtually Connecting. Basically an online hangout room, from a room at the conference, reaching out to interested non-attendees.

This is a full hour-session on ranging topics, and I begin to participate on camera after 28:00. The above link contains all the Virtually Connecting content from CC Summit 2017, from their official website.