VIDEO: Creative Commons Global Summit, Virtually Connecting Session

I joined in with this inclusive Q&A from the Creative Commons Toronto Global Summit 2017, held by Virtually Connecting. Basically an online hangout room, from a room at the conference, reaching out to interested non-attendees.

This is a full hour-session on ranging topics, and I begin to participate on camera after 28:00. The above link contains all the Virtually Connecting content from CC Summit 2017, from their official website.


Scanner Religion

I’m taking a moment to honor this wonderful working machine that has traveled many miles with me and published hundreds of items for over a year.


with student artwork, new ancient symbols of inspiration family friendship, the scent of high mountain trees, sweetgrass, sourced crystals, diamond, mahogany obsidian, creek agate, barnacles, jade, opalite, compass

It is exactly that magical, this, mine, machine.