Typewriter: Collective Page, OryCon 42 room

This happened in November 2021, when I was given some some space to host my typewriter in a side meeting room at OryCon Portland. A poetic footnote, contributed by others.

Edited transcript:


just add anything . . .
still here … you lit the fire in me
yes nigh is te(a)

Verbatim transcript:

just add anything . . .
still here … you lit thefire inme
yes nigh is te(a)

[text & image CC-0 4.0 Creative Commons]

Poetry: Soul of the Mask, transcribed

resplendent in crimson and mist, the great cosmos swirling around her outstretched hand
(ELE for Skye)

Deep and expansive, the minute changes beat to beat are like the growth of a wild joy
(ELE for Jordan)

vibrant voice, the focus of thought and contemplation, expressing the inexpressible
(ELE for Paul)

playful, curious, the adventure unfolds with a shake of the head and wiggles out
(ELE for Nolan)

shadows peeking around corners, edges melting into the air, somehow shining
(ELE for Aura)

[ELE / Eva L. Elasigue CC-BY 4.0 Creative Commons]

These were transcribed from the original typewriter slips. This comes from the Masquerade event in Providence, RI in October of 2021.

Article here: https://evalisaelasigue.wordpress.com/2021/10/14/typewriter-poetry-soul-of-the-mask-masquerade-ball-providence/

Curriculum Vitae (In Progress)

These items have been parsed from some of my social media since I began this phase of my writing career in 2014 with the serialization of Bones of Starlight. There is more, from before, and from other sources, and the things I do will continue to happen before they are recorded here; but this is a solid idea of where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing up to sometime in 2020. Search any item or inquire for verification.

Note: publishing tasks were accomplished by myself as the Primal Spiral imprint.

More Items to be Added: volunteering, art, poetry releases


1/14 – Theater: “Inventors of the Invisible World” monologue script, performed in Friday Harbor Fringe Festival 2014
6/14 – Primal Spiral Studio 1, Guard Street Friday Harbor
9/19/14 – Published: Bones of Starlight begins serialization online, bonesofstarlight.com


4/20/15 – Primal Spiral Studio 2, AudioCinema SE Portland
5/21/15 – founded Primal Spiral LLC
7/15 – Published: Audiobook 1 CD, Bones of Starlight: Fire On All Sides (Fire Within) sec. 1 & 2
8/20/15 – Suite of the Endless, Sasquan (WorldCon 73) penthouse room party at the Davenport Grand Hotel
9/15 – Table: Rose City Comic Con, Portland OR, Artist’s Alley
10/4/15 – First Novel Complete – Bones of Starlight: Fire On All Sides (Fire Within)
10/15 – Table: Okanogan Family Faire / Fall Barter Faire, Tonasket WA, poetry/typing/art/audiobooks
11/15 – Table: Wordstock (revival), Portland OR
11/15 – Published: PDF Ebook Release, Bones of Starlight 1: Fire On All Sides (Fire Within)
12/4/15 – primalspiral.wordpress.com created
12/23/15 – Published: First 30 books arrive – Bones of Starlight: Fire On All Sides, Bare Bones Printing (Blurb), white cover hand lettered spine


1/12/16 – Published: Peanut Brittle Cheesecake (food humor) McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, New Food Reviews
2/4/16 – Interview: The Susan & Frank Program, “We’re joined by Titus from the BrokeAss Guide to Life to discuss social anxiety, art, Ninja Turtles, YouTube, and more!”
2/5/16 – Published: Bones of Starlight: Fire On All Sides (Fire Within), blue hardcover
2/14/16 – Table: RadCon, Pasco WA, table shared with Hadley Rille press
2/25/16 – Primal Spiral Studio 2 closing, AudioCinema Portland
5/16 – Primal Spiral Studio 3, Surina Business Park 510, Friday Harbor
5/16 – Popup: Scribing, Poetry & Love Letters, Okanogan Family Spring Faire
6/21/16 – Published: Paperback, Bones of Starlight: Fire On All Sides (Fire Within)
8/16 – Author Panelist (1st): MidAmericon II, Kansas City (Panels: 7)
7/14/16 – Interview: Dive Into Worldbuilding, dive-into-worldbuilding.blogspot.com
8/7/16 – Review: * by Black Gate, Bones of Starlight: Fire On All Sides (Fire Within), blackgate.com
8/8/16 – Table: GeekGirlCon, Seattle WA
8/10/16 – Reading: Galways Arms Irish Bar Chicago IL, Time & Place featuring Eva L. Elasigue & Richard Chwedyk, hosted by Primal Spiral
8/16/16 – Book 2 begins serializing online, Bones of Starlight: The Enfolding Abyss (Abyss Surrounding), bonesofstarlight.com
8/29/16 – Reading: Van Loon Gallery Santa Fe NM, In The Real World hosted by Primal Spiral, plus typed manuscript showing
9/16 – Reading: FaerieWorlds Festival OR, Tales with Vaquita Mermaid at Oberon’s Traveling Tavern, hosted by Primal Spiral
10/16 – Reading & Show: Photon Factory Seattle WA, The Challenge feat. readings by Eva L. Elasigue & Caroline Yoachim, music by Animals of Grace, activism by Women of Color Speak Out, plus panel featuring all leads; hosted by Primal Spiral
11/11/16 – Typewriter: Share Your Words @ Standing Rock, facilitated collective firsthand pages (published online 11/13), Standing Rock Reservation SD
11/16/16 – Published: Paperback 2nd Edition, Bones of Starlight: Fire On All Sides (Fire Within)
11/16 – Room Party Event: OryCon 38, Second Printing Party (whiskey etc.)
11/25/16 – Included: Worldbuilders of Science Fiction & Fantasy, photography series by Richard Man


1/14/17 – Room Party Event: Arisia convention Boston, The Magical Typewriter facilitated collective pages
winter/17 – Swag Drop – Don’t Panic: selected convention materials, flyers, freebies, group info packet for the Friday Harbor Ace Hardware secondhand magazine rack
1/28/17 – Typewriter & Seminar: Liminal Alchemy event at Praxis Gallery Seattle, Fiction as a Transformative Medium & collective contribution pages
2/8/17 – Workshops, Typewriter & Reading: Liminal Alchemy @ Praxis Gallery Seattle WA, multi-room event; Visualization Writing, Fiction as Parallel to Lucid Dreaming; typewriter Collective/Personal pages w/ tarot cards; collective typed page reading
3/15/17 – Stage: 1001 Panamanian Nights collaboration, The Shaharazad Project story, song circle, and bonfire cacao ceremony
4/26/17 – Reading: San Juan Island Library Friday Harbor WA, Bones of Starlight reading & talk
5/10/17 – Swag Drop – That’s No Moon: science fiction fantasy funsies & freebies packet, Friday Harbor WA Ace Hardware secondhand magazine rack
6/17 – facebook page reposting for Share Your Words at Standing Rock
7/17 – Typewriter servicing, Hermes 3000
7/17 – Workshops & Reading: Cascadia Festival, Mythica Village; Live Muse Writing; Mind Maps & Synaesthetic Processing; Rainbow Honey Tea Party variety show reading
8/17 – Author Panelist: Nine Worlds Geekcon London UK
8/17 – Author Panelist & Table: WorldCon 75 Helsinki Finland, including reading with Jo Walton; 1-day table
9/9/17 – Workshops: Cascade Writers Critiques & Pitches, Tacoma WA; Visual Mapping Techniques & Synaesthetic Processing; What’s Your ‘Good Enough’ and How to Reach It
9/30/17 – Story Event: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? at Living Computers Museum Seattle WA, distributed new short story The Realization of Self Identity, or: Beevenge
10/15/18 – Table: Ace Comic Con Midwest, Chicago IL
10/17 – Stage Reading: Pirate Poetry & Siren’s Tales, Sh’Bangfest 10, Alger WA
10/14/17 – Published: The Realization of Self Identity, or: Beevenge, short story resyndicated over Medium by the Breathe Publication, an AI magazine
11/15/17 – Reading: Alternative Library Bellingham WA, Teatime Culture Salon w/ painters Adam One & Louisa Firethorne, videographer Daniel Harm; hosted by Primal Spiral
11/15/17 – Published: The Process, poem broadzine, collaboration with Subaqueous (Isaac Cotec) album Shatter Spell (w/ The Octarine Eyes collective) & artist Taylor Seamount
12/19/17 – Swag Drop: Search Your Feelings, science fiction fantasy goodies giveaways info, Ace Hardware Friday Harbor secondhand magazine rack


2/18 – Participant & Reading: Foolscap open space convention Seattle WA, plus book reading
2/18 – Typewriter: Love Letters @ Behind The Veil 2, Port Townsend WA
2/18 – Workshops: Tribal Gathering Panama, weeklong solo workshop series incl. Remembering The Forgotten Through Your Original Storytelling
5/4/18 – Swag Drop: Why Is Gamora? science fiction fantasy etc. goodies/swag/music/stories at Ace Hardware Friday Harbor secondhand magazine rack
5/24/18 – Published: Kindle Release, Bones of Starlight: Fire Within, Book titles changed
5/26/18 – Room Party Event: MisCon 2018, Kindle release celebration toast
7/18 – Lounge Event: G*psy Vibes Tea Lounge, book reading & staffed
9/10/18 – Typewriter: repair of a bad fall, article on evalisaelasigue.wordpress.com
9/13/18 – Manuscript completed: Bones of Starlight: Abyss Surrounding
10/12/18 – Featured Reading: Gumbo Fiction Salon Chicago IL, awarded the Golden Gator
11/10/18 – Swag Drop: Made of People, science fiction fantasy etc. info freebies swag, Ace Hardware Friday Harbor WA secondhand magazine rack packet
11/11/18 – Published: Bones of Starlight 2: Abyss Surrounding in bookstores
12/18 – Table: Island Authors @ Farmer’s Market, Friday Harbor WA, shared collective


1/1/2019 – Primal Spiral Studio 4, Surina Business Park 507 Friday Harbor WA
1/10/19 – Table: Ace Comic Con Glendale AZ
1/19/19 – Published: Audiobook beta chapter 4, evaelasigue.bandcamp.com
1/20/19 – Swag Drop: By The Power, Ace Hardware Friday Harbor secondhand magazine rack mystery packet
1/31/19 – Table: Resonate event supporting women in music w/ Naughty Princess, Smasheltooth, BeatKitty, Kasey Lee @ Starline Social Club, Oakland CA
3/19 – Rainforest Writer’s Retreat, WA
3/3/19 – Video: Trailer for Bones of Starlight by Medrano Productions
3/18/19 – Behind the Scenes: LAIKA Studios w/ Coby Lorang
4/1/19 – Featured Reading: Cafe Racer Seattle WA, Two-Hour Transport
4/17/19 – Invited Reading: Great American Diner, Alan Sobel’s Open Mic
4/20/19 – Author Panelist: Norwescon 42, w/ reading
5/1/19 – Speaker: Creative Commons Global Summit, Lisbon Portugal; Lightning Talks session, CC Profiles in Arts & Entertainment Frontiers; my experience making science fiction fantasy novels with Creative Commons
5/5/19 – Typewriter & Reading: Last Word Books 17th Birthday Party, Into The Future (ideas into science fiction
12/19 – Reading & Table: Fernie Brae Portland OR, signing & 3 in-store micro-readings
12/19 – Typewriter: Chapel of Sacred Mirrors NY Full Moon Gathering, word-by-word Collabstream lines


1/20 – Typewriter: Celebrus Lupercalia Seattle WA, Love Letters
2/11/20 – Auction: book donation to Make It Rain Australia Wildfires benefit at Wild Buffalo Bellingham WA
3/30/20 – Reading: Virtual Rainbow Honey Tea Party
8/20 – Typewriter: Share Your Words @ Commitment March, Lincoln Memorial Washington D.C., collective pages
10/20 – Author Panelist: Virtual World Fantasy Convention 2020, w/ reading

Flash: Microhole Quantum Displacement of the Transporter

[This is an abstract of a fictional paper in database on some of the principles behind Star Trek’s transporter; a flash fanfic.]

Title: Microhole Quantum Displacement of the Transporter

Author: Eva L. Elasigue

Abstract: Rather than create one large displacement field, which we have not achieved to this day, instead the transporter is made possible by a 5D fluid grid of quantum entanglement microholes. With the 4th dimension being time, the 5th dimension is intention – namely target, subject, and destination (using 5th-D mechaneurolinguistic programming as defined in the notorious seminal work). The fluid grid enmeshment is a paint-by-numbers energetically living algorithm which communicates firstly with the nervous system, gaining biophysical agreement and certainty of orientation, another 5D variable element.

((CC-BY 4.0 Eva L. Elasigue))

Beta reader #1: Brent Spiner, Data of The Next Generation at San Diego Comic Con 2021 Special Edition
Brent decided to keep it! For fun, these were attached:
A picture with Melinda Snodgrass, Star Trek writer of award-winning Data episode “Measure of a Man.” At her recent book release at Jean Cocteau Theater in Santa Fe NM, December 2019
A mini-print of this new poster art by Brennan Wagner of DC, Grendel, etc.

Typewriter Poetry: Soul of the Mask, Masquerade Ball Providence

I set up a typewriter table, buddied with artist Aura Lunae at this elegant night of music and art:

Here we are! I sold some zine broadsheets of my new-this-year Cabaret Poem, and my bespoke experiment was titled Soul of the Mask (pose for poetry). People could pose for me their masquerade persona, and I typed them a single poetic line to capture the energy of the moment.

Following, some of the poetry embodied on this night:

Poem: Beauty Spell

Beauty Spell

I once kissed a chameleon’s tail, curled
gently into a soft fiddlehead spiral,
hanging from the thin arm of a bush. It
blushed and ran (or walked quickly) away,
then turned around and watched me. I
brought dead bugs to it once or twice.
I liked its mitten hands.
I have not done it a second time.

[e.l.elasigue / Eva L. Elasigue CC-BY 4.0 Creative Commons]

Poem: Let Me Be Your Ocean, Bold Surfer

Let Me Be Your Ocean, Bold Surfer

I have an idea: you be you,
and I can be the ocean.
Come to me, get excited to see me
Cherish your favorite spots
and take good care of them,
Love me knowing you
can’t keep others from me
Pay close attention to my details
and get me at the right moment.
Bring your friends to see me,
party with me day into night
Respect me when you want me,
like I hold your life
Feel me soft, warm, hard, cold, taste me.
Get into my depths, feel my movement –
add to me your exhilaration,
your courage and smooth grace
Let me give you glory,
make you smile, laugh, scream, and sigh,
then surrender to my complete embrace.
Sit in awe of my beauty when I’m at peace.
Leave me longingly,
when you can’t take any more,
already thinking about the next time
you can do it all again, anew.

[e.l.elasigue / Eva L. Elasigue CC-BY 4.0 Creative Commons]

Tune in closely to hear it amidst the hubbub at the cervecería:

Poetry/Song: The Grand Narrative w/ Ari Joshua

This is an adaptable poetic lyrics set that I wrote with guitarist-composer Ari Joshua. We delineated, triangulated, and channeled this at The Music Factory in Seattle, WA US in November 2020. This can be played for, interpreted, and re-written. Whatever this might become in any other version or iteration, this is its first pure form, fresh from the mist.

The Grand Narrative


perspective of the grounding center
home place encapsulating
coming from a place to be in a space
the where and why and how
flowers bowing, sending love their emissary
filling my vision with color
and grace in the lines of shape
the warm caress of meeting
life in its own place
where I am only what I can be


it begins somewhere
I look around
I’m where I am
but there’s somewhere else to be
something that I need
I know that I can get it
so I’m going to go do that
send myself upslope
there’s something to be seen along the way
which may be a point in itself
I’m keeping myself going
with the ache of believing

steps of being and becoming
go along with overrunning
to that fundamental exhaustion
that’s completion of a task

I do it because it’s better than contemplating it
I may as well be on my way


the tumble of beauty undone
what may have been
that kept us in the dream
no longer what it seemed

that which was not and will never be again
from now on it can only be this way
sharp edges of the breaks
where continuity was lost
scuffs of the descent
the never-swept dust of microscopic shards
knowing it’s coming
watching it fall
carries an almost sweet surrender
in the way it can’t be changed
the wreckage is magnificent
fulfilling by the time it happens


ready for life
when everything is here
that makes me care
every tone of light
on the eye on the skin
breathing in
feeling it from within
rhythm in motion
bring it to another
mind to mind
each to each
we reach a peak
to find the view
and hold it in


there’s a having in the losing
once it’s gone it’ll only be that way forever

it’s one way of reaching acceptance, finally
that’s all it could ever be, when it’s done
and then it’s a part of me
only a part of only me
that’s the last thing it can be
before it’s truly gone
like it never even was

and when things go back to never having been
what else might they become?
if anything

is a story real
is a thought something you can feel
what do I really have at all?

something that I had once
is something that I’ll have forever
until its return to never

when it’s really gone, can I even say goodbye?


looking around
light in the sky
revealing details, expanding
coming to an understanding
finding where a path may lead
within, down, around, up
what there is to give and to create
from the self to the other
growing into being
all that lays within expansive seeing
gentleness in remaining
receptive to the blessings

some things echo harshly
from the marks they’ve left
just standing and knowing
about all this is part
of everything that comes after
savoring the reality of this existence

strange lands scenarios environs habitats biomes realms
this body is home in all of them
all of it home to this body

CC-BY 4.0 ELE / Eva L. Elasigue

Session: Writing On

Writing after all your writing went away (lost/taken/destroyed):

  1. Maybe don’t write, see how that goes. Haha.
  2. Now you know that finishing something and releasing it to others is the only way to guarantee this won’t happen.
  3. Finish something before it finishes you. Not everyone makes it out of the story alive, including the writer.
  4. If you can still remember something, then it’s still good.
  5. Are you sure you want to do this?
  6. Go ahead if you want to do it. Everything goes, everything dies, so will you, so will I. Build the sandcastle.
  7. You’re still here.

I wrote these tips upon the request of an innkeeper who had lost her computer files in a breakup. I’ve experienced total storage loss, and I’ve heard it from others as well; it might be rough to point out that all accounts of this I’ve received have been from women who lost what they had produced because of troubles with a male partner, but that could be either here or there when it comes to one’s own writing apocalypse. Is there life after the apocalypse? Maybe.

Poem: Tres Palabras, Three Words

Tres Palabras, Three Words

joven, juego, espíritu

youth, play, spirit

corazón, vuela, voces

heart, fly, voices

llores, alma, emociones

cry, soul, feelings

hogar, coneccion, vida

home, connection, life

mira, entiendo, digo

look, understand, speak

calendario, dia, ritmo

calendar, day, rhythm

aire, fueguito, hermano

air, flame, brother

arriba, acción, pensado

up, action, think

velocidad, legendario, historia

speed, legendary, story

suave, quiero, noche

smooth, wanting, night

ojos, animales, liñas

eyes, animals, lines

(ELE / Eva L. Elasigue CC-BY 4.0 Creative Commons)

This poem was written and performed live within this benefit circus cabaret. There was also a class of schoolkids in attendance from the local area, so I decided on a form that many ages could enjoy, that would add just a little spice in the transitions between acts. This was similarly performed like the first Cabaret Poem, where each set was the inspiration for something that was read aloud by myself directly afterward. Three words is enough to set, evoke, or recall an image, and I read each three words in both languages, for a bilingual audience. I’m considering this another form that others could use, like the wordpairing in A Wizard Sees, The Alien Observes, also created live with this Momentom Collective residency. Three words is something that a language novice can conjure with translation to respond to an image.

I made a dancing entrance to my typewriter as with Cabaret Poem, this time solo with a flow torus. This piece was called Magnetism, or Magnetic Aura, or Magnetic Field. It alluded to the shape of the magnetic field of planet Earth, as well as that of the human body, as reflected in the shape of the object. Each three words could be seen as particles attracted to the energy of the performance. I had previously also performed with the torus as a water spirit with the Cutthroat Pirates float in the Friday Harbor Independence Day parade.

(full entrance performance)

Above, the original composition sheets. Below, performance photos, myself in the lower right corner of both. The second is resident performers and staff families.