Flash: Microhole Quantum Displacement of the Transporter

[This is an abstract of a fictional paper in database on some of the principles behind Star Trek’s transporter; a flash fanfic.]

Title: Microhole Quantum Displacement of the Transporter

Author: Eva L. Elasigue

Abstract: Rather than create one large displacement field, which we have not achieved to this day, instead the transporter is made possible by a 5D fluid grid of quantum entanglement microholes. With the 4th dimension being time, the 5th dimension is intention – namely target, subject, and destination (using 5th-D mechaneurolinguistic programming as defined in the notorious seminal work). The fluid grid enmeshment is a paint-by-numbers energetically living algorithm which communicates firstly with the nervous system, gaining biophysical agreement and certainty of orientation, another 5D variable element.

((CC-BY 4.0 Eva L. Elasigue))

Beta reader #1: Brent Spiner, Data of The Next Generation at San Diego Comic Con 2021 Special Edition
Brent decided to keep it! For fun, these were attached:
A picture with Melinda Snodgrass, Star Trek writer of award-winning Data episode “Measure of a Man.” At her recent book release at Jean Cocteau Theater in Santa Fe NM, December 2019
A mini-print of this new poster art by Brennan Wagner of DC, Grendel, etc.