Session: Writing On

Writing after all your writing went away (lost/taken/destroyed):

  1. Maybe don’t write, see how that goes. Haha.
  2. Now you know that finishing something and releasing it to others is the only way to guarantee this won’t happen.
  3. Finish something before it finishes you. Not everyone makes it out of the story alive, including the writer.
  4. If you can still remember something, then it’s still good.
  5. Are you sure you want to do this?
  6. Go ahead if you want to do it. Everything goes, everything dies, so will you, so will I. Build the sandcastle.
  7. You’re still here.

I wrote these tips upon the request of an innkeeper who had lost her computer files in a breakup. I’ve experienced total storage loss, and I’ve heard it from others as well; it might be rough to point out that all accounts of this I’ve received have been from women who lost what they had produced because of troubles with a male partner, but that could be either here or there when it comes to one’s own writing apocalypse. Is there life after the apocalypse? Maybe.

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