Session: Writing On

Writing after all your writing went away (lost/taken/destroyed):

  1. Maybe don’t write, see how that goes. Haha.
  2. Now you know that finishing something and releasing it to others is the only way to guarantee this won’t happen.
  3. Finish something before it finishes you. Not everyone makes it out of the story alive, including the writer.
  4. If you can still remember something, then it’s still good.
  5. Are you sure you want to do this?
  6. Go ahead if you want to do it. Everything goes, everything dies, so will you, so will I. Build the sandcastle.
  7. You’re still here.

I wrote these tips upon the request of an innkeeper who had lost her computer files in a breakup. I’ve experienced total storage loss, and I’ve heard it from others as well; it might be rough to point out that all accounts of this I’ve received have been from women who lost what they had produced because of troubles with a male partner, but that could be either here or there when it comes to one’s own writing apocalypse. Is there life after the apocalypse? Maybe.


Poem: Tres Palabras, Three Words

Tres Palabras, Three Words

joven, juego, espíritu

youth, play, spirit

corazón, vuela, voces

heart, fly, voices

llores, alma, emociones

cry, soul, feelings

hogar, coneccion, vida

home, connection, life

mira, entiendo, digo

look, understand, speak

calendario, dia, ritmo

calendar, day, rhythm

aire, fueguito, hermano

air, flame, brother

arriba, acción, pensado

up, action, think

velocidad, legendario, historia

speed, legendary, story

suave, quiero, noche

smooth, wanting, night

ojos, animales, liñas

eyes, animals, lines

(ELE / Eva L. Elasigue CC-BY 4.0 Creative Commons)

This poem was written and performed live within this benefit circus cabaret. There was also a class of schoolkids in attendance from the local area, so I decided on a form that many ages could enjoy, that would add just a little spice in the transitions between acts. This was similarly performed like the first Cabaret Poem, where each set was the inspiration for something that was read aloud by myself directly afterward. Three words is enough to set, evoke, or recall an image, and I read each three words in both languages, for a bilingual audience. I’m considering this another form that others could use, like the wordpairing in A Wizard Sees, The Alien Observes, also created live with this Momentom Collective residency. Three words is something that a language novice can conjure with translation to respond to an image.

I made a dancing entrance to my typewriter as with Cabaret Poem, this time solo with a flow torus. This piece was called Magnetism, or Magnetic Aura, or Magnetic Field. It alluded to the shape of the magnetic field of planet Earth, as well as that of the human body, as reflected in the shape of the object. Each three words could be seen as particles attracted to the energy of the performance. I had previously also performed with the torus as a water spirit with the Cutthroat Pirates float in the Friday Harbor Independence Day parade.

(full entrance performance)

Above, the original composition sheets. Below, performance photos, myself in the lower right corner of both. The second is resident performers and staff families.