Typewriter: Poesia Juntos / Poetry Together

This type station existed for two outdoor full moon ceremonies at my Nicaragua residency, and it was a standing invite to collaboratively create a line of poetry. The main prompt was to go back and forth between myself and the guest, adding one word at a time, though this could be flexibly applied. These lines are signed collaboratively, and are shared here under a CC-BY 4.0 Creative Commons license. I later created aesthetic line breaks and punctuation.



(Jeff R. & ELE)

Water deep inside
welling, it rises into fountains

(Tuulia & ELE)

Bursting into relation,
rising together in support

(T & Tony contact dance
words from ELE)

Fuerte la luz sexual
de la luna llena

(Fenix y ELE)

Stillness centered
begins through a place of grounding

(Sophia & ELE)

Grateful seeing you shining tonight
within me, I am here –
heartbeat yearning

(Asher & ELE)

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