Typewriter: Cabaret Poem Feb 2021

A troupe of creative performers in training residency together with Momentom at El Pital-Ometepe-Nicaragua assembled a variety showcase cabaret. My writer’s role involved typing a few lines of poetry during each performance, and sharing these reflections between acts. This included a grand entrance: I was acrobatically lifted across the stage to my typewriter station. To begin, here is the poetry in abstracted nine-part form, with some lines in spanish:

Cabaret Poem

knowing understanding
the breath,
el fuerte interno
holding the connection

poder como el mar
wild forces elemental
in the warrior

sensual y ritmico
the grace of feeling
trabajo del corazon
in rainbow light
visiones del todo

from the shadows of thought
a libertad
the being in wholeness
la vida en el viento
sparkle in the diamond

con amigos

danger in extension
la geometria
orbiting the center
returning to the self
los circulos y espirales del tiempo

el hombre magico y mysterioso
con los manos
moving the world

la mariposa del muerte y vida
the whorls of this galaxy’s flaming suns
el sol y la tierra
open the gates of possibility
to infinity

a sense of purpose
the staff of will
luchar por el verdad
with swords of integrity

[licensed CC-BY 4.0 Creative Commons]

Above are the pages typed on the spot!

With some of my espanol upgrading.

(with writer-announcer John Early)

Preparing my station and accepting the mic.

And here at the end, is the beginning:

(with acroyoga performer Jonny Karroll)

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