Typewriter: Words Between

For the last Full Moon Gathering of 2019 at CoSM: Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in NY on Dec. 14 2019, I set up my Hermes 3000 (TRIS) and did something new for me at this event. People were invited to sit down at my station to write a line of associative poetic wordplay, going back and forth with me, which we then cosigned and they kept. Didn’t really have a name for what we were doing at first, but found the easiest way to explain it on the artifact was “words between.”




Review: Dune Messiah


Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert

I guess I was finally ready for this. Ready for my notions to be disabused and then magically rebuilt. For the disillusionment to turn back around on itself into another fulfillment, breaking expectations in order to deliver. Life’s complicated. There’s the human perspective, which can’t be abated for meta-awareness because that’s what it’s built on. Frank Herbert, people. Dealing with the hard stuff. It’s still so beautiful while it’s so dark, beautiful in its otherness. Science fiction.

Typewriter: 3-line Assemblage


I stationed my typewriter at my autographing space during the 2019 Los Angeles Nebula Awards Conference Mass Autographing at the end of last October. Since there would be many people circulating with books, I decided to offer a 3-line composition from any book someone handed to me. Above is one example of the bunch; there were many enjoyable surprises.