Studio: A Sign!

Yesterday, the day that the great poet Mary Oliver passed away, I finally hung a sign for Primal Spiral Studio: a snapped wooden rudder I found on the beach, painted and stenciled in ‘old school scholastic’. Here’s hoping any intrepid boaters made it to shore, as did their rudder.



Typewriter: Meet The Authors 2018

meet the authors typesheet

This collective typesheet has been laying in wait since a Meet The Authors event on San Juan Island, last August 8/2018! And lo, the treasure is released.

Leaving a note here that I’m no longer affiliating with the group called Authors of the San Juan Islands, though they will continue to have a presence representing some local authors.

The energy investment balance doesn’t fit well with the things I already have going, and I was also told that voicing my concerns with rapidly changing layers of policy was a group disturbance. Regarding an accusation, I attest that there is at least one embroidered detail in the account as it was last relayed to me, and I am willing to discuss that with anyone who wishes further knowledge.

I will continue to support various local community organization, and serve as a touchpoint for other individuals on creative journeys. We can brainstorm strategies and celebrate milestones over a sip, as I love to see ideas reach fruition! I hope for anyone exploring their creative social network, that one bad group or personal chemistry doesn’t convince them that they’re out of options toward a calling.

My work (Bones of Starlight novels & beyond) can be found locally at the Library, Griffin Bay Bookstore, by order/appointment, and occasional consignment options. Everywhere else, I am carried by the major online channels and can be found or requested at your own fine bookstore, while of course specials & exclusives are available at my personal events.