Video: Behind the Veil 2

At this event, I wrote many love letters of many kinds for people on The Magical Typewriter (Hermes 3000). A truly legendary evening!

Behind the Veil 2 Aftermovie from Israel Medrano on Vimeo.



Review: The Forever War

The Forever War
by Joe Haldeman


It’s hard to read, and that’s because the experience is horribly real. I lightened it up by reading other things in between, but I kept returning to witness this account. I could see soldier stories through science fiction metaphors (such as time dilation, the world having changed much more than the time spent on campaign). There’s a soul-gripping terror and malaise in these pages – not just in the violence, but as seen through societal humanity. Deeply affecting, eloquent messages delivered with the twang of sci-fi experimentation.

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