Review: Enlightening Symbols

Enlightening Symbols, by Joseph Mazur

enlightening symbols cover

This volume revolutionized my understanding of mathematical thought. Following the development of symbols walked me through our primal, unstructured mental evolution of grasping intangible concepts that nevertheless apply to everyday reality, through the human context which fostered their understanding. Connected me to the great abstractions of communication. An incredible way to encounter mathematics, revealing a deep level of global research and reference. For instance, I now credit Virahanka for the golden ratio number addition sequence! And I also credit Joseph Mazur for the insightful education presented here.


Poem: My Place Is Not Prepared For Me


My place is not prepared for me.
Instead I am to carve it from stone with my fists.
My place is not prepared for me.
I must hollow it out of my own belly,
and it must house all.
The road is not ready, the path must be cut,
the hand doesn’t reach, the rope isn’t tied.
I must find my own hand holds.
The legs I walk on are my own,
the feet that tire will be my own,
to hold this piece of sky in my eyes,
for the moment that both persist.


e.l.elasigue 2017 (2015)