Typewriter: GeekGirlCon 2016

GGC 16 1

GGC 16 2

[gently edited transcription:]

GeekGirlCon !!!

hello geekgirl con!  12 13 14

squirrel    cute princesses!
gravity          Gryffindor    vault dweller?.?
Monster Hunter    John Barrowman    heroism
double squirrel delight FOR REAL
Katara!!     Nausicaa    Fear is the mindkiller
Welcoming Autumn        hi    thwa srvfssa the music of the keys …

honor physics and avoid accidents
no WD40 says โ€œRonโ€    that cupcake is staring at me…
stardust thanks girlcon. super cool. amanda ws here. yay.  ymcagyu
Lord English…………….

ke eir        Kith    Keir    Kith
clear was here and so was buddha

try it out hu uyholtghuhiits jessica this is super cool h bye
warrior cats! emma was here yayayayay!

catwoman is back ;0    hi how are you    m good thx:) greenv So I hear you
… So I hear you like mudkips. That is fantastic    I love girl geekcon monkymonkigrrl c.c.c. ;
zay lol        zola 4 ever in love    ;so much stuff I like swimming     beans and tofu
bazel        ๐Ÿ˜‰ hello ๐Ÿ™‚


GeekGirlCon 2016 day 2222222
hey.     hi I am a writer
found our corner
check it out I was here

wendy airy irst    azvnbmn,r7j pen of joy tw2        5    =+*)iy  ^ 09     boop
Its a dinosaur laser fight.  In space, with sharks.  Itโ€™s a balls out dinosaur laser fight.
cdefghijklmnopqra o nope ol lol      )u )
nanowrimo666    oops
hi there i love ggc    hamilton

ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWER    ypinh ginhrtly    Tis the season to type


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