Typewriter: Wordstock 2015

Recap, rescuing from Bones of Starlight story website and placing here where it belongs.

Wordstock 2015 is the first place where I offered my typewriter for collective writing, including occasional observations in my idle moments.  This was the result.


Verbatim transcription:

lucero aowl

echoes boucing off the living structure

people forget what you said; they forget what you did; but they never forget how you made them feel……MayaAngelou

When you are faced with the impossible, first do what is necessary, then do what is possible. Suddenly you will be doing what is impossible….St. Francis of Assisi

aesthetic typewriter!

cts and dgs n le buton owl Athena Aphrodite tipe writer awesome

you ajj nevermsa a

you never have advenchers in your comfort zone. kama dershman

hermes 300 typerwriter wordstock bonesofstarlight.com . good

space within space within infinity

standiig in the big room
wondering what to say ….
“hello” how are you?

y and your eyelashes

Oh my gosh, I don’t know
sometimes where it is I’ve got to go
But whether I will or whether no

the room

they are nice bones, that hold me together
nice synergy emmett pearlz #selfie
up close &
eine kleine night musik
and then as the hall shuts down, and the only thing left glowing is the wall
before and behind