1-Word Round Robin: ele & Josh Vogt

Forged on the eve of Emerald City Comic Con 2016, a one-page piece switching off one word at a time, with author Josh Vogt of The Cleaners series and the Pathfinder universe.



Making Mad Science Scintillate with Melding Myriad Dragonfly Aspects:  Kaleidoscope.  Marvelous Doings Flaunting Figurative Methodologies through Innovation in Cranial Auroras and Auras Applicable Possessive of Energy.  Illusive Territories Formed Spontaneously Through Fluctuating Channels.  Flight Visualizations Grace the Dreamers within Entire Multilayered Spheres.  Total Transcendence is Never (0.1^-10) Lost.  Illuminated Skies Broaden Minds Naturally.

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