1-Word Round Robin: ele & Josh Vogt

Forged on the eve of Emerald City Comic Con 2016, a one-page piece switching off one word at a time, with author Josh Vogt of The Cleaners series and the Pathfinder universe.



Making Mad Science Scintillate with Melding Myriad Dragonfly Aspects:  Kaleidoscope.  Marvelous Doings Flaunting Figurative Methodologies through Innovation in Cranial Auroras and Auras Applicable Possessive of Energy.  Illusive Territories Formed Spontaneously Through Fluctuating Channels.  Flight Visualizations Grace the Dreamers within Entire Multilayered Spheres.  Total Transcendence is Never (0.1^-10) Lost.  Illuminated Skies Broaden Minds Naturally.


Review: Three Great Lies

Review: Three Great Lies, Vanessa MacLellan
by Eva L. Elasigue


Three Great Lies is as though a single tourist stumbled through the stargate, finding herself mixed with the destiny of the monstrous and magical.  Once joined, they attempt to find their ways through a world differently strange to them all – one from the past (Abayomi, the mummy), one from an alternate future (Jeannette, scientist), the other from the mystical realm of the gods (Sanura, cat-headed) – each with an unknown destiny they must solve.  Cleverly characterized with a strong atmosphere backed by historical research, Vanessa MacLellan’s writing is both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Confession: Scientist

Yup, for about a year and a half I was a paid undergrad researcher at with my own part of the puzzle: isolating RFP and GFP genetic sequences from Japanese thermophilic cyanobacteria.  I kept my own notebook.  Got samples.  Worked it out on paper, and through three beta programs.  Powerpointed it.  Grew cultures.  Ran PCR.  Refined ligating sequences.  Ordered them myself.  Visited professors at two other universities (Mills), Stanford and UC Davis.  Imagined my research was for all the best uses.

I did not get to keep my meticulous notebook, that goes to science.  These are my remaining souvenirs: my PCR gel polaroids.  The top photo says #1 on the back.

IMG_20160708_0001 copy